¡Viva México! Independence Day (and Month) Celebrations

September is here and that only means one thing... it´s Mexico´s month! At least in this blog... September is full of celebration in Mexico due to the Independence Day and I´ve decided to dedicate the entire month to this beautiful country. El Grito de Dolores is the call that Miguel Hidalgo made for Mexicans to rise  against... Continue Reading →


Travel inspiration

I decided to put together a quick post about my travel bucket list which will hopefully give you a few ideas if you haven´t decided where to go in your next vacation. Up in my list is Greece... I mean look at those pictures! Do I need to explain why I want to go so... Continue Reading →

Back to work

I have been MIA the last two weeks, and I know it is not an excuse but I have been traveling. I visited dear friends I haven´t seen in years and decided to take that time off and enjoy my time with them. After all, at times you have to decide what your priorities are... Continue Reading →

The next few months…

Hi! This post is dedicated to let you know how I´m going to manage this blog for the next few months. July will be  dedicated to the United States. If you are already thinking: `why the US and not Canada?'  (since during this month there´s Canada Day and the 4th of July...) Well, I´ll be... Continue Reading →

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