Summer in the City

The moment you´ve been waiting for months is finally here, the best or perhaps second best time of the year (if you think of Christmas) to head over this concrete jungle (at least that´s what people say). The noise, the smells, the terrible traffic don´t seem to keep visitors away.

People who have never visited are curious and hope to one day see it with their own eyes, people who have been there once or even many times wish to go back.

New York has that charm that makes people crazy about it and I have to confess it didn´t really charm me… so this post will probably be a bit different from most out there.

Yes, Times Square, the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, the Freedom Tower, the Central Park are beautiful and mesmerizing. They leave you speechless and you can´t stop taking pictures of them but there is so much more than that.


I think I´ve never seen traffic like in NYC during summertime, most streets are partially closed because of construction work. I get it, they can´t work during the winter but you are not the only city in the world with snow for a few months… I believe there should be more planning regarding this; maybe have construction work on different neighborhoods, at nighttime, etc and not 10 blocks in a row during rush hour. That´s just insane.

Of course, there´s the metro. But I guess New Yorkers have never been to London where the  tube is 99% of the time actually on time. One very rainy afternoon the only train I could take to my hotel from the station I was at was a few minutes delayed, I decided to wait since it was pouring out. But the few minutes became 45 in a crowded, very hot platform where the only ones who weren´t annoyed where the rats. Long story short, after 45 minutes we were told the train was still delayed due to an investigation.  Having had enough I decided to walk the 30 blocks back to my hotel under the pouring rain… which to be honest felt amazing, fresh air and cool rain after the hot metro mess… yes please!

Let´s talk about the amount of garbage/ rubbish on the streets. I´ve haven´t seen anything like it since a strike in Naples, Italy. New York streets are extremely dirty, you guys make not like what I´m saying but let´s face it it´s the truth. Oh! And the smells! OMG! I´ve never been so close to puking because of bad smell like in New York. I usually love food trucks and street food but I wonder how new Yorkers eat with those awful smells all around. I just couldn´t do it.  Maybe after a while you get used to it and don´t notice them anymore? Will never know.

Don´t get me wrong, I have nothing against NYC; I´m just pointing out the obvious.

I would recommend visiting some other time of the year, the smell won´t be so bad, the streets won´t be so crowded and you´ll probably get nicer weather. I believe that´s the trick to enjoy this city. There´s ton to do and see, things to experience and it would be a shame if you started on the wrong foot (like I did) just because of the season.


I promise next post will be a positive one, I´m don´t like to complain a lot but I thought I had to put it out there since this is what I really think.

I didn´t mean to offend anyone just let you guys know my point of view. There will be a post with where to go, what to do, where to eat, etc. don´t worry, you´ll get all my tips to have an amazing time in this huge, cosmopolitan, unique city.

Let me know what you think.  Till next post!



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