New York City for Free

  One thing I have learnt from traveling is the bigger and more popular the city the more expensive it´s going to be. Take a look at London, Tokyo, Paris and New York is no different. Accommodation being super expensive, you won´t find a decent hotel during the summer under 200 bucks. Of course, I... Continue Reading →

Summer in the City

The moment you´ve been waiting for months is finally here, the best or perhaps second best time of the year (if you think of Christmas) to head over this concrete jungle (at least that´s what people say). The noise, the smells, the terrible traffic don´t seem to keep visitors away. People who have never visited... Continue Reading →

Back to work

I have been MIA the last two weeks, and I know it is not an excuse but I have been traveling. I visited dear friends I haven´t seen in years and decided to take that time off and enjoy my time with them. After all, at times you have to decide what your priorities are... Continue Reading →

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