5 Reasons why young people should travel

When in doubt, travel.

To travel is to live


You’ll Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Being in a new place, with different people, who hold different values can be scary, but once you figure out that you can connect with people despite differences, and you can navigate foreign environments, you become a smarter, more competent individual.


Social skills

Now that you have more confidence, you`ll find that it`s much easier to make new friends. Remember that when people are away from home, there seems to be less boundaries to cross and making friends becomes much simple.


It´s the best form of education.

Whether it’s learning a new skill such as cooking local food or learning a new language; or about culture and history, travelling allows us to further our knowledge and education. Learning makes our brains more active, which leads us to the next reason.


Travel also can promote brain health and a sharp mind.

When your brain is introduced to new experiences and environments (which happens during travel, essentially) it becomes challenged. when you travel, you interact with new stimuli in the form of new people, cultures, food and experiences, which can contribute to the delayed degenerative disease.


Brings happiness

Aside from making you happy during your trip, traveling can make you a much happier and relaxed person once you are back home, too. Previous trips leave us with memories, confidence, an open mind,  new friends and much more. that’s why travel is the best investment you can make when you are young.





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