Summertime in Colorado

If you are not sure where to go these summer holidays and you are tired of always going to the beach or maybe everything has been booked already and the last few rooms available are now quite expensive, I have a solution for you.

Why don´t you head to the mountains? Specifically I´ll be talking about Colorado.

There are three main airports in the state that receive international flights: Denver International Airport (DIA), Aspen- Pitkin County Airport and Eagle County Airport also known as Eagle Vail airport.

I chose to travel to Denver International and let me tell you it was an amazing decision. I had the opportunity to visit the city for a few days and it was not what I expected. I loved it. It has the perfect balance between a big city and a mid-western vibe.


Oh! And it´s quite good for shopping. I actually bought a few beautiful pieces in this city. That´s always a plus.

The drive from Denver to Vail is under two hours, and the highway is in great condition. Of course you´ll find a bit of traffic on Fridays and Saturdays.

If you rather go to Aspen, it would be a three and a half hours drive, same highway.

I chose to fly to Denver, drive to Aspen then Vail where I took my flight out. Between Aspen and Vail there is a two hour drive.


I will have post dedicated to both Aspen and Vail during the summer months along with tips, where to eat, where to stay, etc.

But that´s what I chose to visit, did you know that Colorado is the 8th most extensive state in the US? There´s tons to see, for example, Boulder, Colorado Springs and Pueblo. The entire state is above 1000 meters elevation so don´t go on a crazy hike the day you get there, make sure you are settled in first and take it a notch slower than at sea-level.

One of the best things in Colorado has to be the Rocky Mountains. There are some breathtaking views! It is very multicultural which makes it even more interesting, the largest ancestry groups are German, Swiss, Austrian, Mexican, Irish and English.

You should know by now that I´m a foodie, so I can´t skip this section. Denver is known for its steak, the entire state has a delicious Southwest/ Rocky Mountain cuisine AND there are tons of Mexican restaurants, my faves!

Let´s not forget about the booze, did you know that Northern Colorado is known as the `Napa Valley of Beer’? Oh now I caught your interest! Plus they have some award-winning wines.  I think that´s always a good reason to visit a new place, right?

There are so many things to see and do, film festivals, museums, farm markets, the list goes on and on.  I can write a post all about it, let me know in the comments.

´Till next time!



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