5 Style tips for female travelers

If you clicked on this post, there´s a high chance you like and make an effort to look stylish most of the time. It can be tricky to keep your style when you have an 11 hour flight ahead of you, but these simple tips will have you looking stylish when traveling in no time.

-Keep your look comfy yet nice… meaning keep those old sweats away from the airport, no matter how soft they are, they are no good. There are tons of comfy things out there that still make you look presentable.

-Layers, layers and layers: it gets colder, it gets warmer… one of my biggest issues at an airport or plane is temperature, so I like to be ready for anything.

-Wear dark colored bottoms. I know, I know… you want to wear a cutesy white floral skirt when flying in the middle of summer. But if it gets stained, you have to stay dressed like that for the remaining of the journey. Unless you have a change of clothes in your carry-on, then you´ll be fine. If you are thinking you won´t be staining your clothes, then think again… the man sitting next to you could spill his wine.

-Forget about wearing flip-flops. It seems that 75% of people going to the beach decide to wear flip-flops even when travelling from New York in the middle of January. There are a few good reasons to avoid them: first of all, planes get quite chilly. Going through security lines with bare feet? No, thanks! And lastly, someone might step on you or run you over with a trolley. (True story).

-Ditch those heels, girl! There´s nothing more uncomfortable the wearing high heels when running through an airport trying not to miss your flight. Also your feet swell up when you fly, quite painful with tight strappy heels. And for obvious security reasons in case of an emergency.

-Don ´t wear tons of jewelry. You will be asked to remove every single piece before going through airport security.

Do you have any tips? Leave a comment, I`d love to read it!



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